Tournament Rules

General Tournament Rules

  • FIFA rules (Latest FIFA Laws) apply unless otherwise specified in the SBMC tournament rules
  • Only players, coaches and managers are permitted in fenced in areas of the fields
  • Water bottles with water only are permitted in the fenced in areas of the fields. No food allowed in that area
  • No abuse of tournament referees, officials or volunteers will be tolerated
  • Intentional stacking with ringer players (gold playing silver or bronze, etc.) is not permitted and will result in the team's expulsion from the tournament with no refund of entry fees
  • Teams are permitted to pickup 3 additional players to supplement their roster. However, these players must be playing at the same or lower level of play as the tournament group, eg teams in Silver level groups may pick up Silver or Bronze level players but not Gold or Metro level players
  • Unregistered players may participate only with written approval of the SBMC tournament director and with BCSA short term permit
  • Any variation to these rules must have the written permission of the SBMC tournament director
  • Team lists must be submitted by teams from U-11 to U17 to the field marshall prior to the first game. Thereafter, team Lists for all age groups should be available should the referee request it for sanctioning purposes
  • Each team must be prepared to play with a minimum of 6 for minis and 7 players for divisionals on the field by game time, or default that game
  • Eligible players must wear its club's complete official strip, and goalies must dress according to soccer rules
  • Unlimited substitutions are permitted. Substitutions shall be allowed at stoppages, under the control of the referee
  • The Tournament will follow the discipline directives of B.C. Soccer. All incidents of a referee assault will be reported in writing to B.C. Soccer.
  • Two yellow cards in any game or consecutive games will result in the player's suspension for a minimum of one game. Further discipline to be decided by the Disciplinary Committee. 
  • Any red card will result in an automatic one game suspension with further discipline to be decided by the Discipline Committee
  • No disputes will be accepted on a referee's decision or call. There is no appeal from the referee's decisions
  • Any disputes or protests concerning games must be forwarded to the Field Marshal not more than 30 minutes after the game has ended
  • The Tournament Disciplinary Chair's decision is final in any dispute
  • All rules may be updated and are subject to change up to 2 weeks before start of tournament
  • All divisional teams must submit their team roster to the field marshal tent before your 1st game and pickup your tournament team package
  • The maximum roster size for U13-U18 is 18 players, and for U11-U12 the maximum is 15 players
  • Teams from U-11 to U17 should be prepared to produce players ID card upon request by ta game official or a member of SBMC Tournament Committee. Coaches of teams in the U-6 to U10 should be prepared to produce their coach i.d. card upon request by a game official or by a member of the SBMC Tournament Committee
  • Game starts at the 1st horn and game ends at 2nd horn. Be ready for kick-off immediately. Ref will not make up any lost game time if the teams do not start on time
  • No scores or standings will be kept for U6-U12 age groups

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