Tournament Rules

Rules for Super-8 Games

  • Games start and end with the Air Horn
  • Field size 50-65m length by 30-45m width
  • Goals approximately 5.5m width by 2m height
  • A FIFA standard size 4 ball will be used
  • Each team will field 8 players, one of whom is the goalkeeper
  • 2 x 30 min halves, switch ends at half time, no stoppages
  • Offside rules will be in effect in the offensive third of the field (25m line)
  • Unlimited substitutions
  • Substitutions shall be allowed at stoppages, under the control of the referee
  • On a goalkick, the opposing team must fallback behind the retreating line and allow the goalkick to be completed before advancing
  • After a goal the ball is brought to centre and play begins immediately
  • Once the central Air Horn sounds to signify the start of play, if one team isn' ready and not on the field, the other team can start play and score ONE goal. The team cannot run up the score. The opposing team must be on the field for play to restart after ONE uncontested goal is scored.
  • In the event of a colour conflict the Home team will wear pinnies
  • All Referee decisions are final
  • The Referee will report the result of the game to the Scorekeeping Table

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